Contract Production

Joint-Venture Opportunities) Contract Manufacturer Joint production of medicine in the pharmaceutical industry is a type of project wherein a product is produced with the cooperation of two or more companies or several legal entities.
In this partnership usually, one side has the technical knowledge and the other side is a company that owns facilities, production lines, and up-to-date equipment.

Cosar Pharmaceutical Company, equipped with standard production lines complying with GMP rules and having trained, experienced personnel, with a long history of producing antibiotics and general medicine, has the possibility of contract production of pharmaceutical products in the form of sachets, capsules, tablets, supplement powders and suspensions in powder form of the highest quality.
Wielding a variety of production lines and high-capacity machinery, Cosar Pharmaceutical is capable of simultaneous production of several products.
The company will make every effort to manufacture products of the highest quality and expand its collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies.
This company in the case of the development of cooperation with other companies makes every effort to produce products with high quality.